On the Account Settings page, you can manage your company account details in NextHR. To open the page, click the drop-down arrow in the upper-right corner of any NextHR page and choose Account Settings.

The Account Settings page has the following tabs:

  • General Info. An overview of your company, such as logo, name, and contact details. You can edit these details and click Save when ready.


  • Contacts. A list of contact persons that are relevant to your company. You can share these contact records with brokers as well as edit or delete the records. You can also add new contacts here.


  • Tax & Bank Info. Information that is related to tax accounts, bank IDs and other financial details.


  • Locations. Information regarding the physical locations of company offices. Here you can edit the data of existing locations, add new locations, or assign employees to specific locations.




  • Departments. Information regarding the organizational structure of your company. Here you can edit the names of the existing departments, add new departments, or assign employees to specific departments.



  • Roles. Here you can assign permissions to existing admin roles and add new roles.




  • Reminder Settings. Here you can set up the timeframe for reminders about pending PTOs, pending submitted timesheets, and overdue submissions. To deactivate the reminders, just select 0 days.


  • Share Settings. Here you can select the brokers with which you are going to share the contact info of employees as well as the contact info that you are going to share. For your convenience, the contact info is broken down into groups, such as Personal, Employment, Bank, Family, Attendance, and PTO, which are marked with different colors. You can also use the quick filters at the top to narrow down the search results.