To open a client or prospect card with all details, click the name of your prospect or client in the table of prospect and client records on the dashboard. Let’s take the client card as an example and explore all available pages.


This page contains an overview of the client’s contact details, custom fields that are relevant to the client, company snapshot, etc. Here you can also find important dates, such as employer’s last login or next renewal date.

In addition, on the Summary page you also convert the client to a prospect, change its status, and add team members.

Finally, you can view custom fields that are related to the client, assign tags and worfklows to the client, view the company snapshot, view important client-related dates, and read recent client-related notes.

Contact Info

This page contains data related to the owner/administrator of the client’s business as well as contact persons.

You can add contacts by clicking New Contact.


On the Benefits page, you can add insurance benefits that are relevant to the client. You can also create new subtabs to organize the benefit data.


This page contains tasks that are relevant to the client. You can add new tasks and edit the existing tasks.

You can also archive the tasks. As a result, they are moved to the Archived page.


This page contains notes that are relevant to the client. You can add new notes and edit the existing notes.

You can also archive the notes. As a result, they are moved to the Archived page.


This page contains several system folders for all files and documents that are relevant to the client. It is also possible to create custom folders and add files. You can share, edit, and delete your custom folders, but not system folders.

You can also move files between folders. You can either drag a file record to the folder or select one or several files, click the Multiple Actions button that appears after the selection, and then choose Move

In the window that appears, select the folder where you are going to move the file(s) and click Move.

Finally, you can place the folders inside other folders by simply clicking and dragging one folder into another folder.


This page contains demographical information about the client’s employees, such as age or marital status. This data is needed to estimate the health care costs and is used for quoting purposes only, without being linked to the client's actual HR system.

The following options are available here:

  • Set Coverage: Set the coverage status for the census.


  • Set Dependent Status: If a person in the list is a dependent, i.e. a spouse of a child of an employee, you can specify the exact status.


  • Delete Selected: Remove the selected employee record together with dependents.


  • Import: If you need to add a large amount of employee records, it would be more convenient to run a bulk import from an Excel file. You need to download the import template, fill it in, and then upload it to NextBroker.


  • Export: Generate an Excel file with employee data from the census.
  • +Employee: Add a new employee to the census.


  • Quote: Send a quote request for the client to a carrier or general agency.



This page contains a list of the client’s employee records. You can copy all or several employees to the census.


On the Sales page, you can view and edit quotes, proposals, and enrollment kits that are relevant to the client.

You can also upload and request quotes, add and send proposals, and create enrollment kits.

Finally, you can convert employer enrollment kits to carrier and vice versa.


This page contains all commission records that are relevant to the client.

You can also split the commissions between a carrier and a subagent on the Split subpage.