On the Account Settings page, you can manage data that is relevant to your NextBroker account and access the most important functionality of NextBroker with just a couple of clicks.

There are two ways to access the page:

  • In the navigation bar, click Fast Access, and then choose Account Settings.

  • In the upper-right corner of any page, click your name, and then choose Account Settings.


The Account Settings page gives access to the following options:

  • Current Plan. Information regarding your current plan with NextBroker and the plan renewal date. You can choose another plan by clicking Change Plan.
  • Account Status. Information regarding the current state of your account, such as payment card details, the number of brokers that you manage within your plan, and email that is used for billing. Here you can also manage your payment card details, add new billing contacts, and select the groups of emails from which you want to unsubscribe.


  • Payment Details. Manage your billing information and view your billing history.



  • Carriers and Plans. Manage carriers and plans that are relevant to NextBroker.



  • Insurance Licenses. Edit the data regarding your insurance licenses and add new license records.



  • Insurance Carrier IDs. Manage your brokerage IDs and add your carrier login information for all carriers that have been added to your agency portal.


  • General Agents. Edit the data regarding the general agents and add new general agent records.



  • Sub Agents. Edit the data regarding the subagents and add new subagent records.



  • Vendors. Edit the data regarding the vendors that your company is working with and add new vendor records.



  • Next Mail. Set up the internal mailing system of NextBroker.




  • Lead Capturing Widget. Copy the code of NextBroker widget that will help you capture leads on your website.


  • Tags. Manage all tags that you and your agents have created within NextBroker.


  • Workflows. Manage all workflows that you and your agents have created within NextBroker.


  • Your Profile. Manage your profile data, such as login, password, contacts, etc.


  • Agency Profile. Manage your agency’s contact data.


  • Authorized Users. Manage users and teams that are authorized to access NextBroker.




  • Agency Contacts. Manage the records of contact persons that you want to keep track of and display to your entire agency, such as vendor and carrier contacts.



  • Locations. Manage information regarding the physical locations of company offices.


  • Custom Fields. Add custom fields to NextBroker and view the existing ones.