In NextHR, you can hire new and existing employees either manually or automatically by importing the data.

To manually add a new employee:

  1. Go to the Employees page.
  2. Click Add Employee > New Employee.


  1. On the Hire Employee page that opens, fill in the following data:
    • Basic Info tab. Add the contact data of the employee, such as name, address, birthdate, city, state, etc, and work details, such as title, location, manager, department, etc. When ready, click Continue.
    • Employment Info tab. Add the date when the employee starts working, worker type – salaried or hourly, employment time – full-time, part-time, or intern – and annual salary amount. Besides, add the emergency contact data. When ready, click Continue.
    • Assign Policies tab. Assign the relevant PTO and attendance policies to the employee. When ready, click Continue.
    • Help Docs tab. Select the help documents that are relevant to the employee. When ready, click Continue.
    • Run Hiring Process tab. Add a signed offer letter and employee agreements. In addition, specify whether to collect the payroll, tax, and employment eligibility information. Finally, customize the invitation mail content, and then click Add.
  2. The system will inform you that the employee has been hired. Click Go to Employee’s Profile to view the created profile.


After you have created the profile, additional tabs will appear. On these tabs, you can add further information about the hired employee. 

Click Edit and fill in the following information:

  • Family Info: Enter information regarding the spouse and children.


  • Benefit Info: Assign insurance benefits to the employee.


  • Contact Info: Enter the further contact information of the employee. The employee can also enter this information themselves during the onboarding procedure.


  • Security: Change the password for the employee account.


  • Emergency Contacts: Enter the emergency contact data for the employee. The employee can also enter this information themselves during the onboarding procedure.


  • Location: Select the company office where the employee will be working.


  • Department:  Select the company department where the employee will be working.


  • Assigned Benefit Vendors: Select the insurance providers that are vendors for the benefits assigned to the employee.


To manually add an existing employee:

  1. Go to the Employees page.
  2. Click Add Employee > Existing Employee.
  3. The Incomplete Hirings form will open, containing the data of employees with incomplete hiring process. To complete the process, click Resume Hiring.


  1. The same Hire Employee page will open, where you need to add the missing data and complete the hiring process.


If you are going to hire a large amount of employees, bulk import will be the best option for you.

  1. Go to the Employees page.
  2. Click Bulk Import > New Employees or Bulk Import > Existing Employees.


  1. On the Bulk Import Employees page that opens, download the import template, fill in the employee data, and upload or drag the filled file to the specified area.


  1. Click Map Headers to arrange your headers against system headers. When ready, click Validate.



  1. The system will inform you in case the file contains any errors. Correct those errors and upload the file again.


  1. After successful validation, review the data and click Import File. As a result, the employee data will be added to the list.

Employee Onboarding

After an HR manager finishes the hiring process, an employee needs to undergo the onboarding procedure. After they receive the welcome email, they should click a link in the email to either sign with their existing account in or create a new account. If they need to create a new account, they need to fill in the account-related data, i.e. email and password.

After you as an employee sign up with your newly created account, the system suggests that you finish the onboarding procedure. To do so, click Get Started.

Fill in the basic personal data, such as email address, time zone, physical address, social security number, date of birth, and emergency contact info. When ready, click Finish Onboarding.

NextHR informs you that you have completed the basic onboarding procedure and invites you to proceed to the dashboard.