The Census page of the prospect or client card contains demographical information about the prospect's or client’s employees, such as age or marital status. This data is needed to estimate the health care costs and is used for quoting purposes only, without being linked to the prospect's or client's actual HR system.

The following options are available here:

  • Set Dependent Status: If a person in the list is a dependent, i.e. a spouse of a child of an employee, you can specify the exact status.


  • Delete Selected: Remove the selected employee record together with dependents.


  • Import: If you need to add a large amount of employee records, it would be more convenient to run a bulk import from an Excel file. You need to download the import template, fill it in, and then upload it to NextBroker.


  • Export: Generate an Excel file with employee data from the census.
  • +Employee: Add a new employee record to the census. Fill in the employee's personal data as well as hire date, coverage status, dependent status, and census type. You can add a custom census type by selecting Other and entering the name into the Other Type Name field that appears.


  • Quote: Send a quote request for the client to a carrier or general agency.