The Commissions page presents commission records that are associated with a case. 

You can view the carrier card by clicking its name in the list. If you need to delete a record, click Delete in the far-right column.

This is where you can set up commission splits with other agents whether they are part of your agency or independent. To set up commission splits, go to the Split subtab and click Split Commission.

Before an external sub-agent can be assigned to a case, you should set up the sub-agent in the Sub-Agent section of Account Settings. You can access this section directly from the Split Commission window by clicking the "add sub-agents" link when setting up the split.


On the page that opens, click Add Sub-Agent, fill in the necessary data, and click Save.


Back in the Split Commission window, fill in the following information:

  • Select sub agents: Choose the sub-agent with whom you are going to split the commission.
  • Coverage Type: Choose the type of coverage on which commissions will be split.
  • Percent of Commission: Specify the percentage of the total commission your agency receives that will be shared with the sub-agent.
  • Effective Date: Choose the date on which the split commission becomes effective.
  • End Date: Choose the end date for the split commission. This is especially useful if the commission split changes over time. You should create a separate commission split for each time period. If you leave this field blank the commission split will continue indefinitely.

When ready, click Save. The split commission record is added to the list. 

It is also possible to edit the split record.

The Commission tab provides a overview of your commissions. For more in-depth information, NextAgency contains several reports to help you analyze commissions, create sub-agent commission statements, find missing commissions, and more.