If you’re new to NextAgency platform and not sure where to start, then the NextConcierge service will be your best choice. Our qualified representatives will hear out your needs and walk you through the entire onboarding procedure. Here’s how it works:

  1. You prepare your data to send us. The best option would be to create an Excel spreadsheet with all necessary data regarding your company, prospects/clients, carriers, benefits, contacts, etc.


  1. You send us your data. There are several ways that you can use to securely send your data to us. For example, you can upload the spreadsheet to an encrypted cloud drive or send us a thumb drive.
  2. We process your data. Our NextConcierge representatives thoroughly review your data and understand your needs and workflow.
  3. We develop an action plan. Based on the data processing results, our reps come up with a custom action plan for your company. For example, the plan may involve figuring out how to move data from databases or other CRMs to NextBroker portals.


  1. We use our advanced import tools to map your data with the corresponding fields in NextBroker.
  2. Your NextAgency Portal is ready for use! After we upload your data, you can start working with your prospects and clients through your custom NextAgency Portal.