In NextBroker, you can add custom fields to the user interface of case records (prospect/client cards). To add a custom field, follow these steps:

  1. In the upper-right corner of any NextBroker page, click your profile icon and choose Settings.
  2. On the Settings page that opens, click Sales Settings.
  3. Under Custom Fields, click Manage Custom Fields.

On the Manage Custom Fields page, you can see a list of all custom fields that have been created in NextBroker, with their numbers, labels, and types.

To add a new custom field, follow these steps:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the page, click Add Custom Field.
  2. In the Add Custom Field wizard that opens, enter the name of the field label, i.e. the name of the field that will be shown in the user interface, and then click Next.


  1. Select the format of the custom field:

  • Custom Text: A text field where you can enter freely whatever data you would like to.
  • Date: A calendar where you can choose a date.
  • Dropdown: A dropdown that allows you to choose between several options. If you select Dropdown, an additional field will appear where you should enter the labels of the dropdown options.

After you click Save, the custom field record will appear at the bottom the list. 

Viewing the Custom Fields

You can view the custom fields at the bottom of the Summary page of the Prospect/Client card under Custom Fields. From here you can also open the Manage Custom Fields page and create more custom fields.

Filtering the Cases by Custom Fields

You can also use custom fields in quick filters to populate results in your CRM based on a certain custom field. To do it, follow these steps:

  1. In the upper-left corner of the home page, expand the Quick Filters pane.
  2. Expand the Custom pane.
  3. Specify the data in the custom field(s) to filter the results.
  4. As a result, the list will show only the cases that have the data which you have specified in the custom field(s).