NextBroker makes it possible to import carrier commission statements from an Excel file. To import commissions, follow these steps:

  1. On the dashboard, click Fast Access > Carriers.
  2. Find the carrier for which you are going to import the statements and click the $ icon under Actions to open the commission statements page for this carrier.


  1. In the upper-right corner of the commission statements page, click Import Statement.

  1. On the import page that opens, you have the following options:

  • Date Received: Specify the statement receipt date. The current date is filled in by default.
  • Download Default Template: Download the commission input template provided by NextBroker.
  1. Then you can either enter the data into the template or upload your own file and then map the fields against those of NextBroker.
  2. When mapping the headers, you can see your headers on the left and system headers on the right. If the headers do not match, you can select the matching header from the drop-down. 
  3. Select the Ignore checkbox next to the header(s) that you do not want to import.
  4. When ready, click Validate.

  1. The system will verify the uploaded data by finding the matching cases based on criteria such as coverage, group name, carrier policy number, paid to date, premium amount, commission rate, commission paid, number of employees, date received, and case name. Please note that if you try to change the data manually, NextBroker will alert you that it could not found any associated cases.

  1. When ready, click Upload Commissions. The system will then display the uploaded commissions.

The next time you click the $ icon under Actions of the carrier record, you will see the summary of the imported commission statement, including the date received, paid to date, total premium, total commissions, and actions.

Under Actions, you can either access the Details of the statement, i.e. review the imported records, or Delete the statement. Please note that to protect the statement records, you should enter DELETE in the provided input field, and then click Confirm.

It is also possible to view the commissions from the case page. To do it, open the case record and go to the Commissions tab. The Commissions tab is divided into several sub-tabs:

  • Commissions. Here you can view all commission records pertaining to the case. The records are organized according to carriers. Click the name of the carrier to expand the relevant commission statements.


  • Overrides and Bonuses. Here you can view all override commissions and bonuses that are related to the case.
  • Split. Here you can split the commissions between the sub-agents. 


To do it, click the  icon next to the name of the agent. In the window that opens, specify the coverage type, how much of the commission should be split, whether it should be a fixed amount or percentage, and period during which the commission split is active. You should also specify the compensation type - commissions, overrides, or bonuses. Please note that you must enter the sub-agents through account settings before you can split the commissions. 

On the Split tab, you can also filter the list of splits by dates, sub-agents, and coverage type.

  • View Hidden Sub-Agents. This tab shows any hidden sub-agents that are relevant to the commission.